Self-Employed Refinancing

If, as a business owner you often find it difficult securing a mortgage, there is “light at the end of the tunnel”.

Just because some lenders treat you like a second-class citizen when it comes to securing a home loan doesn’t mean we will.

Here at The Financial Forum, we recognize that self-employed people shouldn’t be penalized for their entrepreneurialism. We understand that sometimes self-employed people are busy building their business and that their financial information may not always be reflective of how you and your business are really doing.

That’s why we have a wide range of Low Doc mortgage loans specifically for self-employed people like yourself.What that means is that proof of income requirements are less stringent. Applying is simple too.

We can not only help you with a mortgage loan, we can also help ensure that the investment you secure is right for your individual investment goals.

To find out more about our Low Doc loans or any of our financing services, simply call our office at 905-265-0246 or email us .

Looking forward to helping you reach your investment goals.

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